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Scout neckerchiefs

At scoutbadges.com you can order Scout neckerchiefs with your own design and colour. We have a variety of fabric colours on stock. Order a neckerchief for a summer camp or an anniversary - it is a good memory to keep with you after the event.

You can order the neckerchiefs with silk printing or with an embroidered badge attached to the back/neck side. Lining can be made piped or with hemmed or stiched border. Minimum order is 50 pcs.

Price inquiries
Pls. contact us by e-mailing info@scoutbadges.com if you wish to receive a price offer on scout neckerchiefs

Price example

  • 100 pcs. of scout neckerchiefs in polyester with pipping / hemmed border costs 3,00 euro pr. pcs.
  • 100 pcs. of scout neckerchiefs in polyester with sewn border costs 2,80 euro pr. pcs.


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